Music is for everyone! It's a part of our everyday lives whether you notice it or not. Turn on the TV and music is telling you whether a scene is happy, sad, eerie or funny. Music can be a real life soundtrack. I mean, nothing feels better than poppin on your headphones and strutting down the street to "Stayin Alive" by The Bee Gees. Music has the power to change how you feel and it's even more powerful when you're creating that emotion with your own voice. 


With my one-on-one voice lessons you don't need previous singing experience, just the passion to get started on your own personal journey with music.

Who are my Lessons for?

I teach both children and adults from Beginners - who are looking to find their confidence and learn the fundamentals of singing, to Professionals - who are preparing for Auditions, Musicals, or need help with a recording project. My lessons are uniquely tailored for each students needs and goals. It's a judge free zone! Lessons are relaxed and fun, the way music should be. You will leave feeling empowered and more confident in yourself and your abilities. 

*Fully DBS checked

Lessons with Andrew

What style of music do I teach?

I specialize in contemporary music - pop, rock, jazz, funk, musical theatre, blues, soul, and country to name a few. I can even help you sound like T-Pain if you want.

Where are Lessons held?

All lessons are held at my home studio in Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire where I'm fully equipped with state of the art recording equipment. I'm located about a 15 minute walk from the Huntingdon Train Station.

Online lessons can also be arranged via Skype or Facetime.

How much do Lessons Cost?

Lessons are £25 for a 30 minute lesson and £40 for an hour.

If you plan to take lessons regularly, make sure to save by purchasing my 6 lesson bundle!



Six - 30 minute lesson for £135


Six - 60 minute lessons for £216

I also offer                                    at an additional price. Need a vocal reel for University? Want to record a Christmas song to give away as a gift? Want to up your Instagram game with a video of you singing your favorite cover. For more information                     .

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